How Tromp Came to Be

TROMP, a large grey, American Bull Elephant with long tusks, a tuft of wavy blonde reddish hair, bushy eyebrows, and a notch missing from his left ear, makes his political debut tonight at 7 PM at the Urban Arts Gallery Connect Event in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The TROMP agenda is to help “Make America Great Again” through comic illustrations and wry humor.  Artist and illustrator, Vinny DiGirolamo has teamed up with his life-long friend and writer Tony Stanish to create a comic strip that focuses on the realities of trying to initiate pragmatic and pro-America solutions in a society divided by diverse ideologies.

How TROMP came to be.

Vinny is a local Utah artist (A retired Navy Cold War Veteran) and regular participant at previous Urban Arts Gallery exhibits. He was invited to participate in an upcoming exhibition to raise money for a refugee relief fund. Vinny was asked to create and donate two pieces of art that illustrated the political polarization in America today. Further inquiry revealed that the exhibit was restricted to only art that portrayed an Anti-Trump message.

The exhibit organizer went on to express all of his opinions about the current administration without regard to any opinion other than his own. It’s evident that he believes every negative denigrating Trump related media report he’s consumed in the last 18 months. Vinny doesn’t do hate and felt that solicited Artists should have the Freedom to illustrate the theme of “political polarization” without the organizers political censorship impacting the artistic message.

Vinny was actually shocked that political censorship has now impacted the Art community. He called Tony and related the story. Together they decided to take a STAND against censorship begin a series to help educate the public conscience through humorous illustrations and dialog (Hence: STANTZ.NEWS).  Together they created and named the Big Tusk Blonde Elephant and the back and forth humor took over from there.

Last night, TROMP, appeared at the anti-administration art exhibit as a guest entry in their monthly Connect event where local artists bring their artwork to be voted on by fellow artists and the attending public. The top five winning pieces are displayed at the exhibit during the following month.  Vinny won last month with his pop-art depiction of Wonder Woman and he hopes to replace her with another, great American Cartoon hero in the making, TROMP.  He was their welcomed guest and his dingleberries brought many smiles of approval from those who attended.

Take a stand with us at www.STANTZ.NEWS where the TROMP series and other pro-agenda pragmatisms, newsworthy perspectives and interactive blogs will come alive.

Find TROMP, Share TROMP, and Follow TROMP as he follows through on promises made to the American people. The adventures of TROMP will appeal to those who continue to have faith and hope in the President they voted for and in his abilities to steer our great Nation into a more prosperous future.

Stand for Free Speech! Stand with TROMP

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