The creators of TROMP are longtime friends [30 years] who recognize that being born in the USA provided us with opportunities not available to those that are not born here. We wish to contribute in some small degree to the Pro-America Theme of retaining the values that provide Equal Opportunity. We believe that the genius of the Founding Fathers is that they formed a republic that recognizes that the RIGHT to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness comes from God.

Our Goals

We are trying to inspire our readers and further discussion about issues affecting the USA and the World. Our goal is to Foster Pragmatic compromise between the majority of Americans. This majority falls into one of three categories “Center – Center Right – Center Left”.  Together WE create the Cultural Values that make America the greatest Country on earth.

What We Stand For

Pro: The constitution of the US as written and amended.
Pro: Individual liberty
Con: Oppose limits to individual liberty as guaranteed by the Constitution.
Con: Oppose attempts to circumvent the constitution by any Organization public or private

Meet the Team

Tony Stanish

Antony (Tony) Stanish is an accomplished business owner and inventor.  He developed an interest in politics at a young age and fosters a pragmatic approach for considering solutions to National and International problems.  Tony is a family man and an active member in his community. He commits much of his time counseling those struggling with addiction.  Tony participated in the Washington Tea Parties to help wake up America on the pressing issues of our day. He says, “It’s a good thing to encourage Americans to vote, but it’s equally important to be informed on the issues.”

Vinny DiGirolamo

Vinny DiGirolamo is a Retired Navy pilot and Cold War Veteran.  His humorous comics appeared first as a contributing artist to the U.S. Naval Academy’s “Log” magazine.  Since then, he cofounded a successful iDevice repair and retail chain, was corporate President of a major Steel Company, served for many years at the Pentagon as a private consultant to the Department of Defense. Vinny is a family man, accomplished author and is a recipient of Utah Technology Council’s Emergent Executive Award. He says, “Truth is things as they are, not necessarily how they are reported.”